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About Rusaw Homes

With our years of experience in the new home construction industry, we have an abundance of information to share with you and know how to properly guide our customers through the pre-construction, construction and completion phases of your new home.  In fact, since our company was founded in 1988 as Pinecrest Building Corp., we’ve enjoyed building new homes along with remodeling both residential and commercial buildings throughout the Citrus County, Florida market area.  We’ve also had the great fortune of acquiring the intellectual properties of RUSAW HOMES which has been known for award winning homes since 1956, and this is a history that we look forward to continuing.

Rusaw Homes is "Florida's Award Winning Builder"

Our Mission: We do not build homes to win awards... We win awards for the homes we build.
- George Rusaw

When it comes to the construction of your home, you want a builder with a solid reputation within the community, around the state and among its peers. You want one which is involved in the community and lives among the homes and families for whom they have built houses.

You want a builder who seeks out energy-saving equipment and materials that will save you money. A builder that follows or surpasses the strict code requirements of building in Florida. You want a builder that has favorable long-term relationships with their sub-contractors, banks and county building officials. You want a builder that has earned praise and respect from the members of its industry, locally, statewide and nationally.

All of the above describes Rusaw Homes, one of the most acclaimed builders in Florida and part of the Citrus County community for over 30 years.