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Warranty Information

Rusaw Homes is the ONLY Builder in Citrus County Florida that qualifies for a 15 Year Home Warranty from the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association!

Rusaw Homes is a member of the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association, Bonded Builders, (or BBHWA) is a licensed Home Warranty Association.

Rusaw Homes has qualified as a member of the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association by demonstrating technical competence and financial stability. Based on recorded claims information, Bonded Builder members have an outstanding record of customer service. Rusaw Homes feels confident that your home will be everything you expected it to be. To obtain each warranty Rusaw Homes must make application for each home and must pay an agreed warranty premium.

Team-work and knowledge build today's improved housing. Building a good home takes leadership and good management. Thousands of component parts make up the final product. It takes a professional to make sure that each component functions properly.

The Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association and Rusaw Homes want you to be able to enjoy and appreciate your major investment with the security of knowing that we stand behind our homes.

Please feel free to ask us for further details about our 15 Year Home Warranty.